Monday, February 6, 2012

Le video games.

2) Write a blog arguing for or against the proposition that the heavy use of RPGs can blur one's ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

"can heavy use of RPGs blur one's ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality?" I have to say that my answer to this question is, yes. just by reading the first few paragraphs of "videogames, avatar, and identity" proved my answer to be true. The writer claims that he was supposed to be in bed, but in reality he kept thinking about his game and that is what deprived him from sleep. That he kept thinking about his avatar. In my honest opinion, I believe that if you let one thing have the most of your time, then eventually it will disorient you from reality. In this case, if you play RPGs games constantly, chances are that you will feel a little out of place in the real world because your mind is so consumed with playing a video game. To a point that even when you're not playing and actually doing your every day thing, your mind would be so consumed by it. 

I can sort of relate, in a way. My summer before going to ninth grade I got my hands on the SIMS 2. It seems silly, but the amount of hours I spent playing that silly game is ridiculous. Because at that time, I couldn't go out as much, until I had the house cleaned and I guess playing the sims was an escape? I created my avatar, and honestly I just picked random stuff to create my avatar. I didn't really put much thought into it. But even though I didn't let it get to me as much, at one point it got that all I wanted to do was play that game. I guess it was nice dreaming about a life where it was easy. if you got bored quick, you could fast forward your day. and if you didn't have to go to school to be a doctor.  there was something interesting about it, i just can't put my finger. But before anything, I realized I spent way to much time on it, and killed my avatar. 

But, to make my point yes it can. From personal experience, playing RPGs games can distort you form reality if played way too much. 


  1. I remember when i also got my hands on a SIM's game i agree, it can be addicting. I was like in 8th grade and my friend had the game and every chance i got to see her i would play the game. She was too addicted. It's a game that allows you too escape reality and you can pretty much make your avatar do anything you want it to and that's what got me so addicted. i am happy to say that im thankful i never bought the game because i probably would have gotten so addicted to it.

  2. "But before anything, I realized I spent way to much time on it, and killed my avatar."

    That's so funny. I used to play SIM CITY, and I would love to "build to destroy," as the saying goes. The Sims takes it to an even crazier level. I think it blurs the line with what's real and what's fake only because how you have to manage a virtual life with your own real life. It may improve some real life skills and teach us about domesticity, but as you say, it sucks up hours of time.