Sunday, January 29, 2012

Reading Implications of User Choice: The Cultural Logic of “MySpace or Facebook?” By Danah boyd, actually surprised me. It was surprising how many of the students she interviewed thought about the different socio-economic classes, and which would go to which specific social website. I think it surprised me because when I did the switch from facebook to myspace it was mainly because the majority of my friends went to facebook. Actually, I was one of the last people from my group of friends to get one, I at first refused to get a facebook because I hated that you couldn't personalize it, and it was all the same. Also because I knew how to work around Myspace, and I didn't want to learn how to use a new social website. But when I saw that more of my friends rarely went on Myspace, and I needed to talk to them, I just decided to go to facebook. I never really thought about what group decided to stay on myspace and what group decided to go to facebook. Personally, I find it rather inane that many believed Facebook was classier than Myspace, it's just a social website, where you interact. Although I can see where they may believe that facebook was classier, in a sense. Because more adults used facebook, just like adults used myspace in the beginning. But as both websites became popular, they got a wide variety of users from different ages. But in the end, they both served a common purpose: you found old friends through these websites that would take a long time with a different method, and it kept/keeps people in touch. 

As a facebook user, I have my facebook designed with pictures from church events or from when I hang out with friends, because I'm the one who always takes the pictures, so I just have that there. After re-activating it during winterbreak, I hardly update my status anymore. I would de-activate it again, but because I have family in El Salvador that uses facebook, I keep it just to talk to them. I just feel like it's a little less personal, and I just got bored of facebook, I guess that's why I just don't use it as much and I try not to post as much personal stuff on there. When I did deactivate it, I deactivated it because it did take a lot of my time out of school work. It was between deleting my facebook, or deleting my Tumblr. I chose to de-activate facebook instead, because I would spend more time on there than on any other website. Another reason being that I needed to focus on school more, I deactivated it a month before finals began, I believe that helped me a little bit. 

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  1. Jocelyn,
    I would have to completely again with you about the whole going from MySpace to Facebook. After a while, one couldn’t help but notice that the number of friends on MySpace was decreasing and Facebook friends were increasing. Like you, I would use Facebook to just mainly talk to friends that I hadn’t seen in years and to of course keep in touch with family that live far away. However, after a while one seems to get tired of the same thing on every page, not to mention those people who post the weirdest thing :P anyways I have decided to deactivate my Facebook just because like you had mentioned, it seems to take to much of my time. Before I knew it I would already be on my Facebook app on my phone seeing what was new. Now that I don’t have a Facebook I actually realize how many more things I have accomplished, seems like Facebook was consuming my life. However, I feel just having it to be able to talk to cousins and other members of my family that I haven’t talked to in forever.