Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For my final essay, I wanted to write about how early childhood effects one, as they grow older. How the events and situations that one is put in when they are young shapes the character or who they are when they’re older. Using Brenda/David and his twin brother Brian as an example. I decided on this subject because everyday, we are molded into the people we are or who we eventually are going to be. What mold us are experiences, peoples, and situations we are confronted with. Traumatizing situations from childhood does have an effect on one, which can be a positive or a negative one, depending on the person and how they try to accept it. We can see in Brenda and Brian’s life that because what they went through, they were the adults that they were. David, born Bruce, was a healthy baby boy whose penis got cut off due to an unfortunate circumcision accident and later had a sex re-assignment to a girl, who was called Brenda. I will be discussing how the experiences that they went through with Dr. Money shaped them and then how this gender identity did too. I guess the question to my essay is: “how strongly does our experiences effect us?”  Because we can clearly see that the situation that the Reimer twins went through with Dr. Money vastly shaped them to the person they were in adulthood. However, if they wanted too, they could have changed, in my opinion, it was just harder for them.

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