Sunday, March 25, 2012

project space

For project space the group and I decided to go to different parks. Due to lack of transportation and time management, I was only able to visit one park. The park I decided to go to was Northridge Park, by Reseda and Devonshire. Around the park there were restaurants and houses, the houses seemed to be in a secluded area though, the streets were not main streets. Also, around the vicinity of the park there is a police station. When I went it was on a Tuesday around 6:30, the sun was still out, but it was soon to turn a little dark. The people that I saw were couples jogging, there was a kids working out area, and what seemed to me to be an exercise, people who were in their mid twenties to thirties and forties were working out and taking the class; both men and women. Also, by the basketball court I saw a lot of men in their early/mid twenties playing basketball. It was a nice park, clean with a lot of facilities and it seemed like they offered a lot of classes. A lot of the people were there after work it seems, to blow of steam or to relax. The ethnicity varied, too. I didn’t see just one group. Also, there were kids practicing soccer. Since it was a Tuesday, I think many were there to relax or to get their work out. It wasn’t a lot of people either, not compared to how it would be on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The park itself was very nice and clean. I can't say it was your standard park, because each park depending on the neighborhood is different. But it was a middle-upper class park. It was clean and you didn't see graffiti, and it offered many classes. I visited a park in Los Angeles once, and it was not as nice as this one, it wasn't clean nor did it seem like people cared taking care of it. So depending on the area you're living in, the park will reflect a lot about the neighborhood.

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  1. Jocelyn,
    I think you are right when you say that depending on your living area will reflect the park. The Northridge Park seemed to be around a place where a lot of people go for a distraction. Also, it might be because they can feel secure in that area meaning that they will visit that park regularly since there shouldn’t be a problem. I think that tells a lot about the parks. If you see a park that has tagging and isn’t kept clean, can reflect that no one might go there because they don’t feel safe. Just like when I went to the Calabasas Park, the park was kept really nice, plus it seemed like a community park since it seemed like everyone there knew each other. This can maybe explain why certain areas with low income don’t visit their park regularly, unlike those areas that have a descent amount of income.